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A new standard in cloud data exchange

Easily share data between cloud services and communication providers.

The IndexAPI enables you to share and exchange information and data between cloud services and communication providers. Forked from ChatGrape's deep integration technology, the IndexAPI will allow other services to integrate their data into the ChatGrape Autocomplete, but it can also be used independently of ChatGrape to exchange data between cloud tools and other chat services in a deeper and more integrated way than is previously possible with existing APIs.


Easy to use REST API

Create, update and delete arbitrary objects in our autocomplete database.


Bulk indexing

Push all your data at once. Simply POST an array of objects instead of a single object to the API.


Realtime index test environment

Run your code against our API in the API playground, preview the results in real-time and monitor the error logs.


Copy & paste ready documentation

Every API call is documented for simple shell scripts (with cURL and wget) but also in Python, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP.

How it works

See how easy it is to implement the IndexAPI with your service.

In this example, we'll create a 'Contact' object within the 'Important leads' in your CRM/database and send it via the IndexAPI to use it with ChatGrape's powerful autocomplete.

1. Choose desired data to export
# First Name Last Name Category
1 Mark Otto Important leads
2 Jacob Thornton Important leads
3 Larry Brown Important leads
2. Generate JSON and send it to the API
  1. {
  2. "eid": "34", // your internal id
  3. "name": "Mark Otto",
  4. "container": "important leads",
  5. "type": "contact",
  6. "url": ""
  7. }
  1. curl -X POST --data '{"eid": "34", "name": "Mark Otto", "container": "important leads", "type": "contact", "url": ""}'<your_token>/objects
  1. wget --post-data '{"eid": "34", "name": "Mark Otto", "container": "important leads", "type": "contact", "url": ""}'<your_token>/objects
  1. import requests
  2. import json
  3. url = '<your_token>/objects'
  4. data = json.dumps({
  5. "eid": "34",
  6. "name": "Mark Otto",
  7. "container": "important leads",
  8. "type": "contact",
  9. "url": ""})
  10., data=data)
  1. require 'net/http'
  2. require 'json'
  3. url = '<your_token>/objects'
  4. data = JSON.dump({
  5. "eid" => "34",
  6. "name" => "Mark Otto",
  7. "container" => "important leads",
  8. "type" => "contact",
  9. "url" => ""})
  10. Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse(url), data)
3. Use your data

Your business data is now ready to be used in ChatGrape to be accesses via its power autocomplete immediately.

Have fun referencing, talking and searching all your company data directly inside your daily team communication!


The IndexAPI technology is already enabling thousands of companies to boost their efficiency by using ChatGrape.

We're building this powerful tool to enable you to autonomously connect your data. To make this as convenient as possible, we're setting a high value on easy customization and perfect support.

Stefan Kröner
CTO at ChatGrape

The IndexAPI is really a great technology to work with. With its easy to use REST API and easy customization, this technology gives us an impressive level of flexibility. Great work, guys!

Peter Stebe
Founder and CEO of nextSociety

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the IndexAPI work?

You can send all your business objects (e.g. customers, issues, filenames, etc.) into our Elasticsearch database and access them the ChatGrape autocomplete immediately to talk about them in your company chat.

What's the idea behind IndexAPI?

Every company using ChatGrape should be able to fully integrate their own in-house services with the ChatGrape autocomplete with minimal effort. The IndexAPI is part of our API roadmap that will allow developers to deeply integrate services with ChatGrape, no matter how complex the data structures are.

Can I use IndexAPI without using ChatGrape?

Unfortunately, at this time only ChatGrape offers the usage of IndexAPI. If you are using Slack, HipChat or some other chat tools and want to switch to ChatGrape, please or sign up here.

How much are you going to charge for using IndexAPI?

It's completely free, no strings attached!

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